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Writing Your Story 

It all begins with a fun idea!

Once you have a clever and creative concept, target the age-range of readers for your book. Is it a durable picture book for toddlers, or a book suitable for slightly older kids who have a greater knowledge of reading and writing? Once you determine your audience and put your story into writing, send it over! Wise Publications edits manuscripts daily and would be happy to see your work for a free read-thru. We often see little ways to improve the storytelling and better craft a best-seller. Reviving an old family tale is a good start. If it's a great story, why not share it for generations to come?

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Our advice in action: One author had a good princess story where the protagonist was killed off by the evil sister with poison. The elementary school libraries would be less likely to go for a book with such a dark twist, so our editors suggested a slight change of words. It then read “After drinking the magic potion she fell in a deep dark sleep from which she would never-ever awaken."

Educational Children's Books

Children’s book topics that are close to the heart always make for a good story. Subjects such as environmental issues, matters relating to special needs, and domestic issues will leave young readers entertained and informed. Such educational topics also work well in activity books! We can assist  groups in creating a scholastic activity book to compliment their organization's mission and raise funds for their purpose. 

Our efforts in action: A fire department used hundreds of coloring books each year to educate the youth about fire safety, and even had an entire clown act on what to do in the event of a fire. Our Wise Publications photographer snapped their poses and our staff artist sketched it into coloring pages. The kids will really remember what Safety Sally says now.

Author Resources

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