It all begins with a cute idea. Once you have a clever creative concept, there are many online sites to guide you in the actual writing process. Wise Publications edits manuscripts daily and would be happy to see your work for a free read-thru. We often see little ways to improve the storytelling and craft a best-seller. Reviving an old family tale is a good start. It’s been retold because it was a great story.

One author had a good princess story where the protagonist was killed off by the evil sister with poison. The elementary school libraries wouldn’t have shelved that so the author took our editor suggested. It then read “After drinking the magic potion she fell in a deep dark sleep from which she the princess would never-ever awaken, ever.”


Educational Genre

Children’s causes that are close to the heart make a good story. Environmental, special needs, domestic issues; We’ve even done braille books. Such informational topics work well in activity books. We assist many groups in creating a fund-raiser. 

“A fire department used hundreds of coloring books each year, and they even had an entire clown act on fire safety. So our Wise Publications photographer snapped their poses and our staff artist sketched it into coloring pages. The kids will really remember what Safety Sally Says now.” 

What goes into a good book?

For read-to books, we’ll see that you have the age-appropriate vocabulary and type fonts need to be sans-serif. Libraries assign books by reading level, so our editors will check that for you if needed. Juvenile fiction is usually reviewed by school committees. 

While the author always retains creative control, It’s good to catch anything ahead of publication. Wise Publications can fabricate all binding styles from board books to Smythe-sewn. And we do a lot of individual private editions. 

“An interesting story brought to us involves a child crafting a paper chain for the Christmas tree. We developed a binding where readers could cut strips with printed bible verses out of the actual book.”

Custom features include copyrights and ISBN numbers. All filed in your name. A strong cover design is necessary as buyers really do judge a book by its cover. Specialty papers and illustrated liners really add to your book's perceived value.


We’ll need your photo for an about the author feature. Readers like to bond with a writer and it builds your brand. A colorful bio makes a good blurb.

“One time we had a story where “The palace guards rushed in and stomped the evil frog flat, killing him” Well, that wasn’t age-appropriate but the illustration had already been commissioned. So our editor changes it to “They kicked him out of the palace to be banished forever.”

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