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Accomplishing the goal of publishing your first book is a joyous endeavor! 

Whatever story you’ve always wanted to publish, we can help fine-tune a narrative message for your target readership. You will collaborate with the designers, illustrators, and craftspeople who will actually bring your words to life. The project advances at your own pace with personal service and suggestions from talented professionals. 

- Publish Your Children's Book -

Bring Your Story to Life

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What we offer at Wise Publications

Your children’s book manuscript will be hand drawn by talented artists on our full-time staff here in Louisiana. It’s a pretty cool job! They will discuss your vision with you one-on-one and turn your ideas into a custom storyboard. (This is original, custom art. We do not use clipart, digital templates, or pre-drawn art.)

What is the Process?

We are able to keep the cost reasonable by carefully following a 5-step proof system outlined below!

Wooden Surface

Giving Life to Your Words 

5-Step Proof Process


The author provides a finished manuscript and meets with the illustrator personally. At that time, you will share all that you have imagined for the characters look, backgrounds, artistic style, and color scheme. The more details you can provide, the better. Next, the experienced artist will offer creative suggestions and additional ideas.

Your illustrator will draw original Character Sketches for your review. This is usually done over a few drafts, thru email. Once you're happy with them, you'll sign off your approval of each characters' look and expressions.

A storyboard will be created from your manuscript. This interesting step assigns the sentences of the story to each page, and illustrates the action & scenes that fall on each two-page spread. - It’s important to realize that once you sign off on this proof step, then changes cannot be made without additional labor cost. So, we’ll want you to provide us with all your ideas before committing to the final storyboard.

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You will receive page proofs that illustrate the characters in the story setting with backgrounds & color schemes. After your final approval, we will then create all the pages in that artistic style.


Almost Ready to Print!

Final Proof of Book

This will be final, custom artwork of all of the pages as specified from the storyboard, with all wording typeset for proofreading. The whole project is an enjoyable creative process! We just have to be careful to stay within budget by approving each step forward.

Molly Marie Cover.png
Line of Ants Cover.png
Its Okay to be Different Cover.png

Storyboard Proof

Mapping Out Your Book.

Schedule A Creative Meeting

Let's Bounce a Few Ideas Off Each Other!

Meeting rotated.png

Character Creation & Proof

An Image of Your Imagination!

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First Page Proof

A Sneak Peak at the Final Product!

Additional Questions

How is it Done?

Custom artwork is this era is professionally done on a digital drawing tablet. Our staff artists work here in our office & use stylus drawing pens to illustrate in a wide variety of mediums. Character sketches can then be used on other pages with different poses and layered backgrounds. The process is similar to the way graphic novels & commercial animation is done. A whole page takes just as long as painting in watercolor, but the colors are more consistent & ideal for our digital printing presses.

illustrating in action.jpg

What does it Cost?

A standard 32 page children’s book usually calls for about 20 original illustrations for the one & two-page spreads and a custom cover. This fee is usually about $1,100 - plus the cost of the printed books we manufacture for you. - The artist is paid a commission from this and also several weeks salary. They love the projects that call for drawing all day! Learn more through our sample package pricing. Click Here to view our Sample Package Pricing

How do I Budget for my Dream Book?

Many authors can achieve a breakeven budget at only 100 hardcover books. Then reorders of another 100 books starts earning modest profits. We’ve seen hundred of children’s book authors sell about 300 total books in only a years time. Additional sales after that can be possible if approached as a business. But most clients are delighted to finally achieve their dream on a local level.

Find out how You can Profit from publishing your book!

What about all the Internet book printers?

A quick search may seem like there are many Children’s book printers out there, but authors come to us everyday complaining that it’s all so difficult -- Like going down the rabbit hole where things turn out to be not what they seem. The whole arena seems very odd to us: many listings don’t do hardcover books at all; some only do a few copies & others only do large quantities. Some orders take 6 weeks to arrive from China, while many offerings are clearly overpriced, and all of them expect the author to format their own art pages into templates for robot printing. 

      Most of these internet companies are just skimming for bare-bones, easy customers. Then you will be charged large fees for things that should be part of the publishing process anyway. When shopping around be careful about extras for: bleed-edge artwork, proof fees, premium color coverage, shipping & “handling”, overpriced formatting costs, expensive cover design, overages, dubious marketing packages, & indifferent customer service.


      So what about us here at Wise Publications then? Well, as an author-friendly operation, we have arranged our offerings based on what we see clients actually need. We are a full-service, custom bindery doing an interesting variety of projects everyday for Indie authors. Over the last forty years Mr. Wise has produced over 10,000 titles for authors like yourself. A large part of what we have to offer is guiding you in what we’ve seen hundreds of other indie clients do successfully.

     You really get to interact with the actual craftspersons making your book. It’s a fun experience, and most of our jobs come from referrals. Call us, we love to talk about books! Or come by for an appointment & see for yourself what we’re working on here in Louisiana.

Author Resources

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