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-Publish Your Memoirs-

Ever had someone tell you, “You should write those stories down.” Many non-writers are urged to leave a legacy to their descendants by detailing a lifetime of colorful anecdotes. You can make a difference in family and friends lives’ by sharing the wisdom of your experiences. The most meaningful story is the one you’ve lived thru and from which others can learn something.

Memoirs are actual memorable events of eternal significance narrated just the way you see it. (An autobiography is an entire life story from family origins to retirement.) Just consider how many lives could be touched by publishing your volume with our help at Wise Publications.

Storytelling- So let’s get started - you don’t have to be famous. How about childhood treasures, places traveled, choices made, military duty, or ups & downs. Also, events that shaped your personality today, the benefits of your experience, or moments from your past left behind. You could also compile an elder's family lore that may soon be forgotten. Let’s sort thru old photos and record the learning experiences everyone has in common.

Your readers will enjoy one good story after another. You will decide what you want to include and our editors will craft an authentic expression of what made you into you.

"Memoirs are the backstairs of history."

- George Meredith

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