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Selling online digital books is a vibrant, but competitive market - especially for fiction! HTML features are tricky & perfecting page flow can be difficult as every vendor has their own complicated specs. To achieve wider sales for your book, a well-crafted E-book is necessary for fiction writers. 

Some authors may prepare an e-book themselves from the graphics files we provide after printing their book, but the process may be tedious and confusing to those without knowledge of the business. Most choose to have Wise Publications do it for $75 so they can focus their energy on the extensive social media campaigns. 


For Your Consideration: Audio Book

Hear your book!

As the fastest growing book format within the last 3 years, creating an audio book in addition to your physical copies and e-books may be worth your while. Although we are not fully equipped to produce your audio book in house, we can assist and guide you through the process. 

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