Make History By Making History

-Publish Your Historical Books-

Every library in the country has shelves containing many volumes researched by local historians. These are independently published and sell very well in your region for decades. City or institutional history, military battles, major events, & school or church histories can all be written for publication. This genre is eagerly sought after by all readers…and profitable. Every few years another generation of students is taking an interest in your legacy.

Outline your subject- What was an important part of your history? Many decades from now what will others appreciate having explained to them? Understanding past circumstances will create sensitivity to world events today. Kids especially like looking at old photos.

Start with an outline and then begin gathering all published materials & newspapers, major developments or activities, events by era, larger than life individuals, significant buildings, oral history interviews, colorful stories, and lots of interesting photos with circa captions. Then interweave these with your reflections thru a narrative that pulls it all together.

Let’s make a book - Writing a comprehensive history is not overwhelming; just start at the beginning and take as many pages as needed to tell the story. Wise Publications would like to be involved in your project as early as possible and we can often make suggestions that will save you extra work.

Our editors know what different types of history should look like and what the readers look for to reach a purchase decision. Your role is to seek out a rich source of materials in a systematic way. We will take your history in any form, deal with the technical elements, & edit a book out of your work.

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots."          -Marcus Garvey

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