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Books serve as an awesome and effective marketing tool to build professional credentials. They can be given to clients to build relationships, attract new customers, or may be sold in-house. Although effective when complete, busy business people may not have the skill-set or time necessary for finishing a comprehensive, quality offering. Instead of leaving a story untold, it is faster & smarter to use one of our ghostwriters to reach your audience.

We begin with a variety of source material from records provided: your inspiration to startup, milestones, autobiography, bloopers, valued staff, founders, early buildings, anecdotes, and lots of photos. You want your customers to share your success story and be inspired by your accomplishments.

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Professional ghostwriting fees at Wise Publications range about $3,000 to $5,000 in labor and design for compiling a nonfiction book of one’s own material. Plus the cost of the books ordered. Our clients receive all rights to the work and also keep all financial earnings from your marketing and sales. Let’s discuss your ideas and the scope of the project today!

Writing Services

You supply the concept and we craft your words together.

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