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We'll catch every correction!

By the time we see your manuscript, you’ll be finishing up your own revisions of your carefully crafted work . Next, we recommend sharing your story with knowledgeable friends – writer’s groups are a great support network. If you are still in need of some extra eyes, Wise Publications offers a free read-thru by our in-house professional editors.

This read-thru is simply a  gentle, arms-length critique with some helpful suggestions. Although we usually catch just a few things that were unclear or missed, the overall quality of your book is improved by letting an outsider give things a careful once-over. Almost all of our authors use this service before publishing their final manuscript and we seem to do about one a day around here.

Nonfiction writing, such as memoirs, inspirational, histories, & theology, often calls for additional assistance. Many people have a good story to tell, but are not experienced writers. With our editing services, you can improve upon the way  your book reads and increases sales. The final polished manuscript is yours, of course, as you have the last final say and full control over what we publish! 

A 150-page book might cost about a $200 fee to cover inconsistencies in the style guide, proofreading, grammar, punctuation, and commas. We also look over copy editing, word choices, syntax, and style & character development. Our goal is to achieve an error-free body of work that has been thoroughly double-checked, while still maintaining the writer’s voice.

Author Assistance


Wise Publications offers additional editing services including: indexing, permissions, footnotes, fact-checking, and scientific notation. Let’s discuss your needs and start by looking at a selected chapter for a sample editing fee estimate.


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