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Getting started through book-readings!

Book-readings are fun and a  fantastic way to gain feedback from the children and parents. In addition to being fun, you'll get to sell your books directly and keep all the profits. You’ll need a floppy hat, a colorful jacket, and some props. Read some excerpts and tell anecdotes about creating the artwork.


We can provide you with stickers, bookmarks, and coloring sheets to give out for the kids. For the adults, advertising posters and book order forms are also supplied. Many of our clients sell stuffed animal characters, shirts, and activity books that we custom print. Educational presentations can be done for any reading topic

Teacher and Kids in Library

How many can I sell?

We’re seen that anyone can sell about 300 books. This is the average circle of contacts. Then they also sell another 300 through book readings. Usually, about ten book signings, signing 25 or more at each event. 

Guide to Online Book Sales

First, buyers need to be able to find you in a digital search. A Facebook page is a good start on building your brand.


Digital Search


For online sales, you’ll need a webpage and a PayPal account. Some people do this themselves using a template/hosting service. For those less tech-savy, Wise Publications can make you a basic e-commerce site.

Author Website


Get Set Up on Amazon

For a $75 fee, we can also do the digital labor to get you set up on Kindle or Amazon, etc. It’s nice to be found on these sites but the initial cost may not always be recouped.

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Author Resources

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