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Have you been asked to bring your famous dish to family gatherings for years? Are constantly being interrogated for your recipes? If your answer is yes, then it’s about time you publish your own cookbook! Publishing a book can be scary, but don’t be intimidated. Just supply the recipes and we’ll do everything else to help you publish your cookbook smoothly. 

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Unleash Your Inner Chef 

Fundraising with Cookbooks 

A reliable way to raise money for your organization's project expenses.

Many groups need to raise a couple of thousand dollars or more each year for their normal activities. Member dues can only go so far, but a custom cookbook can be a unique fundraising opportunity. Almost all family households will buy a book to support your group at a profit of about $10 per sale. We have seen how any small group can easily market 300 books and how many  larger organizations can raise profits of over $10,000!

A cookbook project is a fun way to promote your mission while creating a name for your organization and helping advance your goals. Providing recipes is a given, but your book can also include activity photos, educational literature, & community involvement information. We're ready to give you additional guidance on how to get started and help you estimate the profits your group can raise!

Call us at 337-527-8308 to learn more!

Church Cookbook Fundraiser

Cookbooks are a popular popular that they are the best selling books in America today! A church cookbook can be an easy income generator for your Women's Missions, Youth Group activities, or even just to observe the anniversary of your church. Creating a cookbook is  a great fellowship project with lots of personal memories included with each church member's recipes. Everyone loves cookbooks and using them as a fundraiser is so simple: You collect the recipes and we design the book.


With a small investment of time, you and your church will realize your goals for a beautiful cookbook that raises profits for your mission. Your members will buy your cookbooks for a variety of reasons: (1) to support your fundraising effort,

                                   (2) to see their names and recipes in print,

                                   (3) to have their friend's favorite recipes.


And isn't everyone eager to buy a cookbook with family recipes that withstood the test of time?

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