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The only time it's okay to judge a book by it's cover!

A great cover design is your book's first marketing effort. A book truly is judged by its cover since customers won't be able to read your entire works before purchasing. When customers flip your book over, the back cover should contain descriptive elements that accurately represent the quality manuscript inside. The front cover reels customers in, while the back cover seals the deal!


It is our job to polish your visual concept so that your book will compare to others on the store shelf. During this final design step (which is separate from page formatting), it's crucial to create a book cover that looks professional. Let us add all the unique elements that make a book look like a book!


A beautiful cover created under Wise Publications' art direction will make your publishing project successful and more profitable.
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Cover Design
Why go with Wise?

"Attentive service & eye-catching covers"


Do-it-yourself templates look clunky and internet design sites charge a fortune. With our model you'll pay a one time fee for a professional book cover design.

Our in-house graphic designers provide authors with attentive personal customer service and a cover they'll love. You'll get to talk with the real people who actually produce your book – we like it that way.

We'll send you multiple online revisions until you're satisfied. Final copyright belongs to the author as work-for-hire. 

What do I need to prepare for the cover?





You need to prepare your manuscript for publishing. It will contain many elements we use to plan a cover design. 


Blurbs will put the finishing touches on your back cover and help secure sales. A short description of your book and a piece about the author should be supplied. 


Any photos or illustrations you would like to add should also be summitted. Our graphic designers will work with you to incorporate your images into the cover design.  

See for Yourself!
Check out a few book cover before & after's we have redesigned










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