Take Names & Write Em Down

-Publish Your Family History-

"We all carry inside us, people who came before us."    -Liam Callanan

Many sources have helped you research your hobby, but what about publishing? 
How do you organize all the documents you have accumulated? 
Custom family genealogy books are usually self-published and our book-bindery has done millions. Wise Publications Printing guides many researchers who don’t quite know how to start to compile it all into book format. We can also offer professional assistance with standard genealogical sequencing, online database attribution, indexing, and editing.
Microfiche, tape, floppy discs...we’ve worked with it all. But hardcover books are still sitting on the shelf, holding valuable pre-digital information, preserved for generations.
We often receive old family manuscripts to scan that was done on a manual typewriter. The Wise family has been publishing for seventy years and the senior Mr. Wise is still regularly selling his books from the 1960s!

Listed below, are answers to questions we commonly receive when regarding Genealogy Books and Publishing. Take a look, and then let's talk about your book!

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