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Learn More with our Interactive Publishing Guide Below. 

Your Publishing Journey Begins Here.


Here at Wise Publications, our main goal is your success. We want to equip you with the knowledge and resources to make your book a first-class feature. Offering insider advice on writing and marketing is just one of the many services we extend to authors like you.  

Your Path to Book Publishing Made Simple

Become a Successful Author in 10 Easy Steps

Let’s talk about your ideas & plans! 

Give Us A Call

What's your book all about?


How many page numbers?

How many copies are you looking to print?


Let us know about your next great manuscript. The more information you give us, the more information we can give you! 


Binding Your Book

A new publication joins the tradition.

After you O.K. the interior pages and cover design, your book is ready to be printed and bound together. Hardcover, paperback, or both... Whatever you want! 


Hold your new book in your hands! 

Receive Your Order


Once your books are completed and shined, we’ll box 'em up and get them to you. For local clients, we offer book pick-up & book delivery. For out-of-towners, we’ll ship your books straight to your doorstep!


Market Your Book


The overall success of your book is determined by how well you sell it! Use social media, word of mouth, press releases, newspaper reviews - anything to let people know about your book. Don’t get overwhelmed! We provide complimentary posters, bookmarks, and order forms with every order!


Author Readings & Signings

Recognition at last... & income too!

Generate sales while having the time of your life with author readings and book signings! Create personal relationships with your customers, and the sales will quickly follow. 

author readings.png

Reorder Your Books

Roll over your profits into more sales!


Spark interest in your books.


Schedule A Consultation

We'd love to see what you're working on. 

Come on in and have a discussion with Mr. Wise & the crew about your book! Bring in samples, pictures, documents, inspiration, or anything else critical to your book. For out-of-towners, email us your work and we can have a consultation over the phone!


Finish & Edit Your Manuscript

(If not already completed)

You’re the author - now comes the creative part! Finish writing a manuscript that you are proud of. Fine tune your pages’ narrative flow to find the perfect stream. We also offer editing services if you are in need of extra eyes!


Formatting Your Pages

The fun part - where your words fit on pages!

After your manuscript is all said & done, we’ll make it print ready. Margins, fonts, page numbers, table of contents - we do it all, but never without your say so. Make sure to check your e-mail for proofs of your book during the formatting process.

cover design.png

Wrapping your book together with a bow!

Creating A Cover Design

Although judging a book by its cover is a social faux pas, it’s what our in-house graphic designers are paid to do. We’ll construct a cover to give life to your book and attract the eye of passerby's. Cover design, much like book formatting, is a collaborative process with the author.

We won’t print without your go ahead! But once approved by the author, any mistakes are NOT the responsibility of the printer.

Read more about our terms below.


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