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Sample Package Pricing

Wise Publications will help you achieve your dream of becoming an Indie Author!

This sample package pricing is for a full hardcover volume with original illustrations. The examples show how you can purchase a reasonable quantity of books wholesale, earn all your money back for breakeven, and generate a profit. Now that’s a good start!  

Children's Book Pricing

25 books

$14.75 each

50 books

$13.90 each

100 books

$12.20 each

150 books

$11.80 each

200 books

$11.40 each

250 books

$10.75 each

500 books

$9.90 each

Book Pricing Includes:
Binding: Hardcover case bound with stiff spine

Cover: full color printing front & back with gloss laminate finish

Size: 8 3/8” x 8 3/8” square

Pages: 32 page numbers, (16 sheets two-sided)

Paper: 100 lb. matte finish

Printing: Full color with bleed-off edge design

Marketing Materials: Bookmarks, Order Forms, & Posters

(Many other sizes & finishes available.) More Info on Marketing Materials here.

A book at this most common trade size retails for $24, especially when you have autographed them at Readings.

Publishing Budget Example

150 printed & bound books


Custom Illustrations

approx $1,100 one-time fee

Front & Back Cover Design

$140 one time fee

Format manuscript wording

$85 one time fee

ISBN number


Book Sales Profit:

Retail sales at $24 each: appx. $3,600 earnings

Breakeven at 120 books sold and approx. $500 profit for reordering 50 more


Just 100 books with original illustrations will reach breakeven on your artwork investment.

Sell 200 books and you have earned enough to reorder and also profits for your business.

(Reorder pricing is the book prices listed above. The one-time cost for illustrations and design would have already been budgeted.)


Please review the rest of our website for our other services including e-books, Amazon listings,  marketing, & sales, etc.


(plus shipping if needed)

Retail Book at $24

$3,600 in earnings

500 books

We have had hundreds of Authors publish their own book with us. They usually sell about 300 books through local contacts & readings, often over several reorders in a years’ time. For most of our clients that is a very satisfactory creative venture.

      Five hundred to a thousand quantities are possible in your home area if you work at is as a profit-making business. For those with even higher goals, getting your manuscript & illustrations prepared is still the first step. Call us, let’s talk about your dream!

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