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Illustrating Your Story 

A cute story is the heart of your book,

but illustrations are what seals the deal!

Potential readers, and especially children, really do judge a book by its cover. (Then they go home and read it later). Authors usually provide their own creative material to us, but we also have multiple illustrators on staff here at Wise Publications if you're in need of some artwork! 

So, how to find an artist? Well first pinpoint the type of art needed. Would you like watercolor paintings or a more graphic caricature style? Cost is another factor to consider. Many artists are excited to do a children's book as it builds their reputation and they can sell the books for profit at their own venues. Select someone in your own state and hometown who works in a medium that suits your creative vision.

Examples of our Illustration Service

Illustration Example 2.png

What we have to offer: An author came to us with a sweet manuscript and a dream of publishing her own children's book, but that was about it. We edited her manuscript, created a storyboard, designed her pages, and illustrated her story all to help her book come to life! It's our job to help authors achieve their goals and have a book they are proud of to share with the world! 

What is storyboarding?

Storyboarding is when we copy fit your narrative into two-page spreads. It’s an interesting process and outlines the flow of your book. Usually, each turn of the page is a scene change or a different view. Sometimes the text flow is edited to fit, then the character illustrations are thumbnailed and roughly sketched for the position. Next is backgrounds, clothing style, wildlife etc...then it’s all given to the illustrator to start being creative and artistic. In your story meetings, you can tell us just what you envisioned or let our illustrator's mind run wild! 

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