Illustrating Your Story

A cute story is the heart of your book, but illustrations are what drives the buying decision. Potential readers really do judge a book by its cover. (Then they go home and read it later). Author/Illustrators usually provide their own creative material to us but have their natural limitations. For example, a watercolorist may not be experienced at figured drawing. A portrait painter may not do a caricature. Their talents may not be compatible with the style of the story presented. 

So, how to find an artist? Well, the cost is the first factor and one good tip we suggest is to offer a trade. A cover credit and free books as payment. Many artists are excited to do a children's book. It builds their reputation and they sell the books for profit at their own venues. Select someone in your own state and hometown who works in a medium that suits your creative vision. 

“We did a nice hardcover on the corolla horses of the North Carolina sea coast. I was going on vacation to the western tip of the state and suggested that I deliver them and save the client a lot of freight costs. Turns out she was 500 miles away from me, (1,000 round trip). It’s a very wide state.”

Black and white artwork is well suited for juvenile fiction. There are many more artists available to do black and white caricatures for you. A lot of youngsters doing comic books and photoshop digital art. So they would enjoy your project and let us first collaborate on dimensions.

Wise Publications Commercial Art Services

Commissioning one of our artist partners is the best way to get just the book you are dreaming of and it’s a pretty cool process too! We work with several commercial illustrators and will steer you to someone who shares your creative expression.

“For fun and cute feature of your book we can sketch in actual faces of family members. We often do this for private bindings, but the artists gripe about the extra work it takes.”

A dozen color illustrations, custom printed for your story might cost about $100 apiece. (Your payment is more complementary to the artist themselves). A usual story would have about 20 facing text pages with a color background design.

What is storyboarding?

We’ll need to copy fit your narrative into two-page spreads. It’s an interesting process and kind of fun. Usually, each turn of the page is a scene change or a different view. Sometimes the text flow is edited to fit, then the character illustrations are thumbnailed and roughly sketched for the position. Next is backgrounds, clothing style, wildlife etc...then it’s all given to the illustrator to start being creative and artistic. In your story meetings, you will tell us just what you envisioned. 

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