Our editors are always seeking your nominations of old manuscripts to bring back into availability. We are especially looking for Louisiana local history titles with original source material from decades ago. These forgotten & lost books are sitting on a shelf, and are usually not even in library circulation anymore.

    First, our publisher will track down any rights & permissions needed. Authors are usually delighted to let us release their books again. Next, editors will decide if any information should be updated and often add additional photos & illustrations from other historical archives not available at the time. We often take the trouble to create an index and rejuvenate it with other modern features.

     Then, our creative design department usually spends weeks updating the older printing techniques with fresh page scans, sepia photos, and new contemporary cover design. Sometimes the manuscript is converted into a coffee-table style photo book, which is more desirable, and therefore more people will want to read it.

     We then publish a few hundred copies at our expense and the title is added to our online catalog. These narrow-interest local history books are warehoused for years to come at our Sulphur, Louisiana book bindery. Typically, a few dozen a year are sold of each of the many titles we publish under our own imprint. It’s a small niche, but the readers usually treasure the result since it was previously unavailable anywhere.

     If you have a book that you believe needs to be republished, email us at wisepublications@yahoo.com

 Describe what the book is about and anything you know about who did it.  A photo of the cover and credits page would be helpful to determine if we can track it down. If you have the book we will ask to borrow it for scanning. As thanks, we will provide you with a free personal copy of the new book we publish. 

     We are also looking for publishing suggestions. Do you know of a historical topic that has needed a good book compiled? Our staff editors are researching & writing fresh books here every day. Sometimes articles & essays from different sources can be compiled into an interesting book about a small town, or momentous events, etc.  

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