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Book Publishing Terms & Conditions

Wise Publications strives to be an author friendly book bindery. 
Please note the following details of our Terms and Conditions for projects accepted.

1. Proofs - The most important step between us is the client approval to print. Customers are provided multiple proofing opportunities in advance to check both our work and yours.  But then must realize that when they give Wise Publications final approval to print books we will not be responsible for reprinting. Further information is detailed on signed proof form.

2. Order Specifications - The Invoice shall list all accuracy of specifications for book construction materials and of work to be done.

3. Preliminary Work - Is done at no financial obligation to Client. However, this intermittent creative work of designs & mockups remains the property of Wise Publications until final payment of an order.

4. Cancelled Orders - Orders cancelled by Client require compensation only for cost of materials used and labor costs incurred to that date. Client may then receive refund of any remaining monies from deposit.

5. Materials Submitted -  It is the Client’s responsibility to retain their own copy of digital files sent to Wise Publications in case of loss. Files shall be inspected by staff at that time to ensure no additional labor might be required to process. - Client’s property of physical materials such as photos, artwork, and paper manuscripts are only borrowed by the Company for scanning until the end of project. These items shall always remain the separate property of client and may be requested for return at any time.

6. Overruns - Client shall only be charged for quantity of books agreed to on Invoice. No overruns.

Fees - All costs will be detailed on the initial Invoice. No additional fees or charges unless agreed to in advance with updated invoice.

7. Color Proofing - Differences between Company & Client’s color monitor display vs. printing presses can create variation. Client should request in the Invoice specs that sample page prints and a final printed proof be provided.

8. Delivery - Orders are typically assumed to be picked up by Client at our plant in Louisiana. Shipping to Client’s address shall be charged at only the actual cost of freight incurred and must be paid in advance of shipment. Any other personal delivery arrangements or costs must be specified on Invoice in advance.

9. Client’s Copyright - The copy rights of your original words & materials supplied remains under the exclusive ownership of Client and so Wise Publications claims no rights to them. The customer warrants that the subject matter is not under copyright by a third party.

10. Design Copyright - The Cover Design, Book Design and Page Format copy rights shall belong to Client after the order is finally paid for as Work for Hire. Clients should request a copy for home storage of the digital file they have purchased at completion of order. This design file may be used elsewhere as author so wishes.

11. Rights - Client warrants that material does not contain any libelous matter or could represent a threat to anyone’s economic or personal rights. Client accepts legal responsibilities for their own content that they have created. - Wise Publications reserves the right to decline to process anything that may represent a reputational risk to company or might be objectionable for staff to handle.

12. Taxes - Books are sold to Client wholesale by Wise Publications. Sales taxes are collected from the final reader and is the responsibility of the seller at that time.

Payment Terms - Payment is typically one-half deposit at time of order for materials cost. Balance due when client receives & inspects books. Wise Publications does not offer charge accounts or financing.

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