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Inspiring Stories and Words of Patriotism by Americans with Bricks at Veterans Memorial Park, Lake Charles Louisiana, Second Edition

Voices Behind the Bricks

  • "I think their intention was to kill us, but let nature do it for them. They killed a bunch of us. If you fell, they killed you."
    -Senator Jesse Knowles

    "While I was still transmitting, I landed in a rice paddy in water up to my thighs. A militiaman, who had apparently watched the whole event, was waiting for me with an armed rifle. Thus began my six years of captivity in North Vietnam."
    -Vice Adm. William P. Lawrence

    "I went to Vietnam specifically to care for the guts that I felt, with my knowledge of what was going on, were getting a very raw deal."
    -Lt. Suzanne McCall, R.N.

    " Voices Behind the Bricks takes a personal, firsthand look at the sacrifices made by others in our behalf. Stories about patriotism are told by ten Americans who share the common bond of brich ownership at Veterans Memorial Park, Lake Charles, Louisiana, and who also share a love of country through their oral prose and poetry."
    -Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr., Admiral, USN (Ret.)

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