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By Scott E. Raymond

One Sailor's Inner Search During the Turbulent Early 1970s

Going Home

  • In 1972, with the U.S. nearing an exit from a protracted and unpopular Vietnam War, twenty-two-year-old American sailor Ben Bradford continues his quest for the long sought after close father-son relationship with Pop, a decorated World War II veteran. In an unusual dream one night aboard ship, Ben sees into the past of 1943 and a life-changing experience in Pop’s life that sets in motion a swift series of transformational events in the life of the young idealist.

    Set in the early 1970s, the story’s backdrop spans America’s closing combat role in Vietnam; a national, political scourge called Watergate and an international oil embargo. In epic style, Going Home brings together a powerful message of faith, family, comradeship and love during a unique time of national trial in American history.

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