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Today, we look to Doctors as men of science dedicated to the relief of suffering around the world, however, in 1861, things were a lot different.

Dr. Hob's Journey

  • All the works in The Texas Man series are rooted in Love of family, Hope for the future and Redemption when it’s needed. This one excels as it tries to tell the story of one man’s incredible journey from outlaw to doctor, by way of a Georgia state prison cell. Ride the hill country with the good doctor as he and the Texas Rangers bring justice to bear for a family under the gun. And who could resist a good old fashioned shotgun wedding with all the trimmings? Sometimes it’s the only medicine for reluctant participants. If this story doesn’t ring your bell, then nothing will. Grab a hold firmly and try to keep up as you ride alongside the doctor and his Buckskin horse. The adventure begins just over the next rise!

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