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If an man becomes angry at God, what does he do?

The Gunfighter's Gospel

  • When Nathan Barrett gets angry at God, his answer is to go West where a man can lose grip on his conscience! On the fringes of civilization, a person can forget who he was and where he came from, and why he drags around a raggedy old Bible with a tear stained letter inside. What will it take for this prodigal to make peace with his dark side and find his way home? Discover how unbridled anger can have consequences as explosive as dynamite, yet leave one’s soul empty as the grave. Watch how a small amount of faith, some genuine hope and a lot of unexpected love helps our runaway overcome the worst of times in his effort to reach the light. Don’t be surprised if you see little reflections of yourself shimmering like moonbeams on the surface of this story, cause most of us do.

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