At the age of 15, Kiko Maru was forced to live in a dangerous part of America. Her Japanese heritage taught her America was a violent, lawless land.

Kiko's Honor

  • In 1880, Kiko Maru was a fifteen year old Japanese girl forced to live in the strange and dangerous land of America as a refugee, as Japan struggled through its own violent political upheavals in an effort to join the world at large.  To the people of Japan, America was a barbaric nation without honor or purpose, but Kiko soon learns that all she had been taught may not have been true. Because of a deep friendship, her Bushido code of honor will be tested to the limits as she navigates the culture and country to grant the wishes of a dying woman. Though this is not a purely traditional western read, it is nonetheless an adventure of immense proportions testing the limits of human endurance, sacrifice, and of course, honor.  All the hallmarks of a good western are here, plus the undeniable flavor of national and international intrigue. Kiko’s Honor is a true blockbuster story meant for the entire family of readers across every age and genre.  Get on board lest you miss the train to another great adventure! 

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