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Newest Release from Arlon Davis!

The Captain's Son

  • John Temple was a ten years old cabin boy when he sailed to Liverpool, England with his disgraced father. His father found redemption and fame exalting him to prominence among the English as a great sailing captain. On his eighteenth birthday, John returns to America to attend the Virginia Military Institute in Virginia, in an effort to find his own identity and reestablish his roots in America. Once there, he soon finds himself embroiled in a pre-Civil War counterfeiting plot that manages to also involve his father on the other side of the ocean. Mixed in among all this intrigue and espionage is a fiery redheaded female by the name of Carol Hatcher and her twin brother Jimmie who gets dragged into John Temple’s game of life and death. Love and danger come together like two sides of the same coin as the threesome navigate rough waters together. Can John really make his mark, without putting his friends in harm’s way? The only way to find out for sure is to grab an overnight bag and come aboard as this lusty adventure unfolds before you like the rambunctious wandering of a pirates treasure map.

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