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By Carolyn Mello

Holiday and his partner trail a sadistic, vicious murderer who will stop at nothing. They could be the next targets. Their first case together could be their last.


  • The compromised hero, Detective Doyle Holiday, is a middle-aged, burned out, drug addicted cop who washes down Vicodin and Demerol with Crown. His complicated life spirals downward, with nobody to save him until he gets a new partner. Knowing Holiday doesn’t get along with anybody, Chief Moran saddles him with inspired rookie, Miss Steve Boudreaux. She vows to catch The Blue Moon Killer and find her biological father.

    Holiday and Boudreaux form a thorny union. Beyond the slayings, these cautiously crafted humans, motivated by love, envy, revulsion, regret, and desire, bring readers into the action. When Boudreaux confronts the perp, the pace moves mercilessly toward the dance that could lead to her death.

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