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Author: Darrell Spencer

Sugar Cane Justice is Darrell Spencer’s sophomore fictional effort as a follow up to his initial offering, If I Can Dream.

Sugar Cane Justice

  •  In Sugar Cane Justice, he puts you in the middle of a horrific crime in Sucre, Louisiana, a town built upon the sugar cane industry. Readers will tag along with Monroe Evermont from his jury selection, sequestration, and ultimate determination of the fate of an accused murderer, Robert E. Lee Breaux.

     The book is written from the perspective of the jury but the reader is also thrust into the lives of the criminal alliance of Breaux, Isaiah Washington, and Tommy Theriot. What would you do and how would you feel if you were the foreman of a jury deliberating over the fate of a man’s life? Would you be able to administer Sugar Cane Justice?

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