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Clementine Hunter: American Folk Artist

  • “As children, we used to go with my mom to the trailer . . . to bring Clementine paint and canvas. . . . Clementine would paint the person most important to her as the biggest person, thus my mom was largest in the picture.” —Marguerite “Cissy” Brittain Picou “. . . her painting impressed me. It is really not at all primitive. It is very civilized—as Gertrude Stein said of the African wood carvings that influenced Matisse and particularly Picasso, almost fifty years ago.” —Alice B. Toklas The British publication ARTbibliographies says that “the author provides a detailed biography of Hunter, describes her studio, and traces the development of her artistic career in Melrose, Louisiana.” Independent Publisher describes it as “a beautifully published testament to an American original.”

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