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Donald G. Prier, Ph.D.


Back Through the Veil

  • "Donald Prier's book is a socio-cultural historical analysis of black-white relationships in his hometown of Mansura, Louisiana from slavery to just before World War II...[Written] in the clear context of developments in race relations nationally...a clear strength of his book. Prier's book will be of great interest and utility for scholars and lay men and women...Dr. Prier deserves congratulations for producing this outstanding book."  --Huey Perry, Ph.D


    "...collecting, documenting and making accessible the history of African-Americans in Louisiana provides America [with] the ability to explore and discover the struggles and pains and, yet, success of our people. Donald Prier's book located, linked, and curated the vibrant history of African Americans living in Mansura, Louisiana. Read it and understand how the history of Mansura, Louisiana is linked to the history of America."  --Vanessa Jackson, Professor, University of Kentucky.

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