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The Ancestral Histories of Several African-American Families and How They Survived from Their Arrivals in Louisiana to the 20th Century


Donald G. Prier, Ph.D

Back Through the Veil II: Research Addition Indexed with Color Pictures

  • Families Featured:

    Augustine, Batiste, Berzat & Luc, Blackman, Demouy, Dupas/Gabriel/Celestine, Francisco, James, McGlory, Oliver, Prier, Sampson


    "Prier's in historical detail...historical context enlivens and enhances...solid genealogical research...integration of genealogy with rich details of individual family histories is skillfully done. The overriding provides a strong foundation on which...[descendants] can learn of their genealogy and their history...likely to generate many family conversations...produce a more complete picture of...their family's history...[No] greater have his research and writing come alive in the lives of his or her readers...this will be a fitting tribute to the years of hard work."  --Huey L. Perry, PH.D


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