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Tales from the Cajun Countryside that produced more fine, quick racehorses per square foot than any place on earth! 

A History of Cajun Quarter Horse Racing

  • In the early 1900s, some match race jockeys rode bareback. Blackstrap molasses was smeared on the horse’s back to help the jockey stick onto a fast breaking horse. No rules, no electric timer, no programs, no stewards.. I never saw anybody handicapping. When the jockeys did weigh in, they used an old bathroom scale.
    There were races matched “turn loose” (no jockeys) just empty beer cans with rocks inside, tied to the saddles. I’ve even seen a rooster tied to the saddle by his legs, with wings flopping all over and feathers flying everywhere...I remember watching a race with a monkey riding.
    For a long time, my desire was to write a book about the history of the old bush tracks in Louisiana. My quest began with talking to the old-timers, their relatives and finding some who have long since moved away. The stories are true to life as they were told to me and there are humorous antics as well

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