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This Side of Glory (Plantation Trilogy Book 3)

  • In 1912, Eleanor Upjohn sits with her father near a work camp, overseeing the construction of a levee on the Mississippi. In a region shattered by war, levees mean stability and prosperity. While Eleanor is a modern woman—practical, impatient, and ready for the future—she cannot help but fall for a man still steeped in the ways of the Old South.
    Kester Larne is the heir to Ardeith, a sprawling Louisiana plantation whose glory days are long behind it, and he sweeps Eleanor off her feet. Only after they marry does she learn that Ardeith is mortgaged to the hilt and she will need every ounce of her ingenuity to save it . . . and her marriage.
    This is the third novel in Gwen Bristow’s Plantation Trilogy, which also includes Deep Summer and The Handsome Road.
    “A good story . . . An interesting psychological conflict . . . [And] there is a great deal more to it than that.” —TheNew York Times

  • ISBN: 1480485373


    444 pages


    Open Road Media, 2014

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