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Ancestors and Descendants of James Albert Scales and Mary Eva Granger

The Scales Family

  • The first Scales immigrated from Yorkshire, England to Plymouth, Massachusettes in 1622. Next to Virginia, and then to our Joseph Scales of Rockingham County, in present day North Carolina where he bought a tract of land in 1752.  Texas ancestors and descendants of James Albert Scales (b 1875) and Mary Eva Granger (b 1883) are throughly researched in this 475 page genealogical record. The book committee has included many family photos that have been collected during a long tradition of large reunion gatherings. This well done volume also has numerous family trees, documents, maps, & DNA ancestry tests of five descendants representing present day lineages.


    “When Grandmother Scales was small, in the late 1800’s, Indians still roamed the countryside and would raid their home from time to time. Her father buried all their gold, jewelry, and valuables to keem them safe. Because he had buried things in different areas near the tree, she was always concerned they never found everything. There were many digging trips we kids made to that tree over the years in hopes of discovering riches!”

    “Gordon Granger is a famous relative who was a graduate of West Point, a Union Army General, and a Civil War hero. President Abraham Lincoln sent him to Texas, landing at Sabine Pass, with the Emancipation Proclamation. - Even in the 1930’s he was still not a popular subject with the Granger and Scales families, as most of their sentiments were still with the Confederate cause.”

    “Grandpa Scales along the way acquired the ability to shoot a pistol far beyond the average person of the time. He was able to shoot birds on the fly out of the air with a pistol. Maybe that was part of the reason why he ended up in prison...”

  • Jim Scales and Rocky Granger

    Wise Publications

    473 Pages

    8.5x11 Hardcover

    Published in 2016

    Over 900 Name Index

    B&W and color photos

    ISBN: 978-1-934060-22-3

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