The Neutral Zone: Back Door to the United States by Don C. Marler

The Neutral Zone

  • This book attempts to identify and discuss some of the outlaws and other characters and events having an impact on the Neutral Zone from 1800 to the present. Some lived there and others had a more indirect impact. Some came into the Neutral Zone to conduct their operations, leaving when they had done their work. Although the Neutral Zone existed officially only thirteen years (1806-1819) the impact of the neutral status was so strong the area has never fully recovered. Throughout this book the author refers to the area as though it is still the Neutral Zone or No Mans Lands — which it is. Historian Don Marler has included extensive footnotes of sources and a 375 name index.

    “... President Jefferson’s opposition to and fear of former Vice President Aaron Burr’s popularity... was based upon the words of an inflammatory, irresponsible & biased press. In 1805 Burr was charged with planning to attack Spain & capture Mexico - and to entice certain states to join in a Western Empire.... the U.S. District Attorney found there was no law against an attempt to disunite the states.”

    General James Wilkinson was the father of the Neutral Zone treaty with the Spanish which gave haven to outlaws from all over the Southland... Wilkinson’s aggressiveness, cleverness, intelligence, ambition, energy, and lack of principal combined to create an unbelievable story of intrigue, treason, & corruption unparalleled in American politics. Historians may disagree on some details of the stories that he was, as Congressman Randolph said, “the most finished scoundrel that ever lived; a ream of paper would not contain the proofs.” Nor would they disagree with John Quincy Adams who labeled him a “mammoth of iniquity.”

  • ISBN: 9781952005664
    6x9 Hardcover
    238 Pages
    Published: originally 1996, re-published 2021
    Features: Photos, Maps, Endnotes, and Index.