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   This volume contains a vast amount of meticulous genealogical research on the relatives of Artiste Langley, born 1895 in Louisiana and Josephine Martin, born 1901. Also included are related lines of Bertrand, Buller, Fontenot, Landry, Marcantel, Morvant and many other Southwest Louisiana pioneer family names. Thoroughly source documented by Deanna Lee Langley using, this 800 page body of work includes a 5,000 name index of antecedents beginning circa 1363.

   Joseph Marcell Buller, born 1781 - "The Joseph Buller house was built at Prairie Ronde on land acquired by the Buller Family 'by right of settlement and occupancy.' In 1989 it was donated to Lafayette's Living History Museum & Folklife Park where the structure & site now serve to exhibit early Acadian life."

   Lake Charles, Louisiana - 15 June 1906 - "Zepherine Langley, a veteran of the War Between the States, died after an illness of two weeks. Although his illness was not a long duration, Mr. Langley had been in feeble health for some time, the ills incident to old age being accentuated by the privatations of the fateful period forty-five years ago."

   Andrew Langley (Langlois) born 1806. "During his early life there were no schools in the vicinity, and at about eighteen years of age he went to Ville Platte where he attended a private school paying his own tuition for about 3 months, which was all the schooling he ever had. By application, and at home, he learned to read, write, and cypher sufficiently to answer his purposes."

The Langleys and Martins

  • Deanna Lee Langley

    Wise Publications

    Page Count: 800

    8.5x11 Hardcover

    Black and white photographs

    Index: Index of Places, Index of Dates, and Index of Individuals

    Published in 2006

    ISBN: 978-0-9763517-4-0

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