Foreword by Chef John Folse

The Fonville Winans Cookbook: Recipes and Photographs from a Louisiana Artist

  • Fonville Winan's most iconic image, The Oysterman (1934), illustrates not only the renowned photographer's skill for portraiture but also his appreciation for Louisiana's edible bounty. Indeed, many patrons and friends knew Fonville as a passionate cook who spent decades experimenting in the kitchen and perfecting dishes that ranged from Louisiana creole classics to popular foods and international cuisines.

    Along with a biography of Fonville, The Fonville Winans Cookbook presents many never-before-published photographs and features over one hundred recipes created by the world-famous photographer, often accompanied by his notes on cooking trials and successful dishes. It offers a new perspective on a man celebrated for capturing the spirit of Louisiana, pairing beautiful photography with easy-to-prepare, satisfying recipes steeped in the state's culture and cuisine.