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A genealogical study of the descendants of Jean Louise Fontenot Dit Colin and Louise Angelique Henry

The Fontenot Family 1600-1903

  • ISBN: 978-1598046229

    674 Pages


    8.25 x 1.35 x 11 inches

    Publisher: Claitor's Publishing Division

  • The reader should be aware that there are approximately 9, .5(X) persons, Fontenots and associated families listed in this book. Providing the reader with a logical method of navigating through this quantity of material has proved challenging to say the least. The editor is aware that there are as many ways to present genealogy informalion as there are people who gather it.


    The information contained in Lhis book, is presented in both a logical and easy to use format. Starting with Louis Fontenot and Louise Henry, the first generation of Fontenots in North America, each generation is presented chronologically . The children of Louis and Louise are second generation, their children are third generation and so forth. Each family is presentedas a group in each generation.

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