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And Azele Marie Hebert

Vincent and Hebert Acadian Families

Author: Paul Hebert

The Family of Jean Baptiste "Aime" Vincent"

  • Pierre Joeseph Vincent was just seven years old in the autumn of 1755, when, along with his parents Joseph Vincent and Marguerite Cotard (Botard) and a sister were forced aboard a ship to be deported to the British colony of Virginia. The British authorites had not told the Virginians that the Acadians were coming so they refused to allow the exiles into the colony. Eventually, they sailed for England losing may souls through death while on this journey.

    In 1783 many of the displaced Acadians started to migrate to Louisiana where they were welcomed by the Spaniards. Pierre Joseph was abord the third ship, name "Le Beaumont", when it sailed up the Mississippi River on August 19, 1785. During the Atlantic crossing Pierre Joseph met Agnes Broussard, a widow, they married on January 12, 1788 at St. Martinsville, Louisiana. She died soon afterward without bearing any children. On April 20, 1790, Joseph married again a widow, Catherine Galemond (Gallemont). They would have ten children, one of whom is the principle character in this book- Jean Baptiste "Aime" Vincent. This extensive genealogical volume includes a 4,000 name index.


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