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The Duplissey Family

  • It is said that the Duplissey's were supposed to have been aristocrats, that were run out of France during the French Revolution. They had to leave or be killed. They went to the island of Saint Domingue (Haiti), which was owned by France. This area had large plantations with many slaves. Sometime in the l 790s, there was a slave uprising. The Duplisseys and many other whites were forced out when the slaves took over Saint Domingue (Haiti). 
    In the old family history, passed down from generation to generation, it is said that two Duplissey brothers ( who were twins) and their mother left Saint Domingue aboard a ship. Some have said it was Jean Laffite's ship. They landed somewhere on the coast of Louisiana, and possibly in New Orleans. So far I have not verified this. I do know that they lived and conducted business in New Orleans, St. Charles Parish, and St. John the Baptist Parish.

    Written by Bobby Duplissey (author)

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