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Book 2- The Battle Rages

The Curse, The Diary, and The Cross- Book 2

  • The infant Franklin Joeseph Burns, great grandson of the evil Count Wilhelm von Brunstoke, is spared frm Andrea Polans' efforts to present him as a blood sacrifice to her god, Nachash. But his freedomm comes at a great cost. His father, Joe, is murdered at the hands of Andrea. When his mother, Teresa, succumns to tuberculosis, Frank is left an orphan. He is adopted by his caretakers, Isaac and Mildred Walker.

    Frank grows up with the belief that a loving and merciful God does not exist- or if there is one, the He has singled Frank out and is using him for cruel, malicious practice.

    Driven by a lust for women and life, Frank dives deep into the sin and it's pleasures. Shomer, guardian angel to the recipients of righteousness, and Leb, agent of the Almighty, guide Frank to see himself for what he is.Everywhere Frank turns, he is battling the thing he hates most vehemently- the Cross of Jesus Christ.

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