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Marshall's Bayou Police Chief Dassas Cormier lands in the middle of a dangerous puzzle when he goes to Lake Charles to fetch his sister Coralee home for Thanksgiving in 1924. And why does so much of what's going on seem to be connected to a famous writer whose life may be even more fictitious than his stories?

Dassas Cormier unravels two mysteries in this third book in S. H. Baker's exciting series of mysteries set in Louisiana in the 1920s. One is what really happened when the world-renowned author-adventurer stumbled onto a bank robbery, the other a threat to the place Dassas calls home.

The Colonel's Tale: A Dassas Cormier Mystery

  • Sarah H. Baker grew up in New Orleans, the city of music, fun, and fantastic food. After running off to Alaska to enjoy a taste of the Wild West pipeline days, Sarah returned to the Lower 48 and earned a Master's degree in engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. As a civil engineer, Sarah has lived all over the United States from Mississippi to Alaska. While moving around, she stumbled onto the joy of her life--writing.

    Sarah writes mystery as S.H. Baker and romance as Sarah Storme. Her series, the Dassas Cormier Mysteries, is set in 1920s southwest Louisiana. The first book in the series, "Murder in Marshall's Bayou," was recommended for an Edgar Award. Her full-cast audio version of the first mystery, "Return to Marshall's Bayou," was a finalist in the Audie Awards. If you haven't met Dassas, pull up a chair and introduce yourself. He loves to meet new people.

  • ISBN: 193484182X
    8 x 5 Paperback
    232 Pages
    Published: April 01, 2009

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