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Initially, the Autobiography of Clabon Jones sounds like a simple story of a mischievous boy pulling pranks as he grows up in a small Louisiana bayou town. It tells a little about his family and his impoverished childhood. It relays the entertaining shenanigans of a little black boy growing up in the South during the 1950 s. The story discloses the events that took place as the little boy grows into manhood.

What is intriguing is how the story is told and how events unfold to reveal the character and constitution of the central character, who went from being an innocent, naughty little boy, being a Point Man in the Jungles of Vietnam and on a Search and Destroy Mission in Cambodia.

What makes the story interesting is that it is a true, sometimes humorous accounting of the life of Clabon Jones, an ordinary man who led an extraordinary life as he relied on his belief in God, his spiritual upbringing, his common sense and his uncommon innate strong will and determination to survive.

The Autobiography of Clabon Jones: The Clabon Jones Experience

  • ISBN: 1491836563
    6 x 9 Paperback
    112 Pages
    Published: November 27, 2013
    Features: Illustrated

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