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The Essential Guide to Finding Local Art in Cajun Country

The Acadiana Art Trail

  • Deep in the heart of Louisiana, in the region known as Acadiana (where the Cajuns settled), local artists transform their surroundings into amazing cultural expressions. Canvases come alive with reflections of Zydeco dancing. Cypress logs become lifelike swamp creatures. Alligator bones and oyster shells become dazzling mosaics and sculptures. This is art you'll find nowhere else ... but how do you find it? Author Kelli Foret (known to many as the Art Trail Lady) makes discovering local art simple and fun with the Acadiana Art Trail. Foret scoured five parishes and more than 60 galleries to create her list of must-see art venues. The galleries are grouped into six trails, each one taking about a day to complete. Now it's simple to travel like a local through winding country roads and discover galleries you might otherwise miss. It's the perfect guide for art lovers and anyone who enjoys getting off the beaten path.

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