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Amy Griffin Ouchley

Swamper: Letters from a Louisiana Swamp Rabbit

  • Swamper, a fictitious swamp rabbit, lives in the bottomland hardwood forest, or overflow swamp, which is a very real environment. In twelve "letters" addressed to his human friends, Swamper shares his vivid observations about life in a Louisiana swamp. With excitement and captivating detail, he explains ecological concepts such as food webs, energy flow, decomposition, and reproduction. 

    While educating students about the interconnected life cycles found in a natural habitat, Swamper's firs-hand account of the richness and value of the wetlands, will also help young readers develop a deeper appreciation for this delicate ecosystem. Though written for all ages to enjoy, the content specifically aligns with life science and environmental science educations standards for 4th through 7th grades.

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