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Sharecropping in North Louisiana: A Family's Struggle Through the Great Depression

Sharecropping in North Louisiana

  • A Family's history lives and dies according to the dedication of it's storyteller. author Lillian Laird Duff is one such historian and with the encouragement and help of her daughter Linda Duff Niemeir, the stories of this sharecropper's daughter will spark in readers the desire to keep their own family histories alive. Sharecropping in North Louisiana is the true story of the hardships Lillian's family faced during the Great Depression and World War I I. The word-pictures Lillian paints are vivid and will bring to life for readers a time when people were forced to get by with what they had. It will also leave readers hungry for a home-cooked meal, as Lillian recalls food preparation on the farm with such richness and delight that you can almost smell the smoked pork and taste the homemade ice cream and butter. Join Linda in listening to her mother's stories once more.

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