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Post-Rita Reflections is a story told, in the "sociological story telling" tradition, of a Louisiana sociologist who welcomed Hurricane Katrina evacuees into his school, and then a few weeks later became an evacuee himself as Hurricane Rita struck southwestern Louisiana. This book serves as a remembrance of what happened to his family, his school, and the students from New Orleans who became "double evacuees" as Rita approached, as well as the places that were completely destroyed and long forgotten by the national media, most notably Cameron Parish. Author Stan Weeber concludes with thoughts about the social policy implications of the events told throughout the book.

Post-Rita Reflections: A Sociological Journey

  • Stan Weeber is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at McNeese State University. The author of ten books, his work has appeared in The American Sociologist, The Sociological Quarterly, The Journal of Public Management and Social Policy, and several other journals

  • ISBN: 0761843744
    6 x 9 Paperback
    88 Pages
    Published: December 01, 2008
    Features: Bibliography, Index

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