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 The place we call home


  • Stanley Fletcher and the Vernon Historical and Genealogical Society introduce a classic work of the turbulent history of Vernon Parish. From 1806 to 1819, this land had no home until the Adams-Onis Treaty was signed and it finally became part of the United States.

    Learn how Ward Four, called Pickering after 1898, was characterized by geographic, tribal, political, and economic division. Then in 1898, the Pickering Lumber Company arrived and brought life to Vernon Parish−a place to be called home. 

    From a land that was so poor it was called Hogwallow, and crime so bad it was nicknamed Hell’s Bay, you will experience the impossible conditions this little town of Pickering survived. They raised families, cried, sweated and bled; yet somehow made a living with a place to call home for generations to come. 

  • ISBN: 9781685930936

    109 pages / black and white / color pages


    8.5 X 11 in

    Year released: 2022

    Publisher: Wise Publications

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