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The Life and Works of Paul Leeds


  • Assembled from the diary of Brother Paul Leeds along with personal notes, memoirs, interviews, and old newspaper clippings, Patteran emerges as a stirring tribute to one of the great pioneer preachers of America.

    Told in two parts, Book I of Patteran is the result of four years of dedicated effort by author Kathryn Johnson, while Book II contains the original writing of Reverend Leeds.

    Founder and pastor of the First Congregational Church of Kinder, Louisiana, Reverend Leeds also ministered to the Koasati Indians of Louisiana. He was intrumental in organizing more than twenty other missions and churches. His experiences with the Koasati tribe are particularly interesting and provide a valuable chronicle of this little-known nation of American Indians.

    The effect of Leed's ministry in the Koasati tribe may be further observed in the addition of John A. Cernek's case study, "Growing a Fellowship of Believers in a Native-American Community" as presented at the end of this collection.

  • ISBN:978-1-68593-053-0

    237 Pages / black and white



    Year released: 2022

    Publisher: Wise Publications

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