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Compiled by Melva Kinch Breffeilh and Shirley Kinch Morrison

Our Needham and Bagley Kin

  • The original Needham family can be traced to the Twelfth Century where it is thought the name originated from the Saxon word "neat" or the Danish word "nod" plus "ham" or village. It seems to mean a neat, clean market town. The Needham family was active in the Reformation under Cromwell, with money and lives being sacrificed to the cause.

    The English origins of this line begin with John Needham, born 1575 at Hempstead. His son was the immigrant ancestor Edmund Needham, born 1606, probably London. In 1629 he married Joan Leazing. The Needhams came to New England between 1638 & 1641 and settled near Lynn, Massachusetts at a place known as Needham's Landing. Soon after arriving Edmund bought a ship and many Needhams became seafaring men in the New World. Edmund was a merchant, with interests in textiles, shoes and shipping.

    The genealogical work is accurately prepared including many source documents, photos, and a 1,500 name index.

    Detailed and informative, Our Needham and Bagley Kin, was written and compiled for future generations to learn their ancestry. Filled with family records from England, handwritten letters, black and white photographs, and even stories and letters from the ancestors themselves!

  • Melva Kinch Breffeilh and Shirley Kinch Morrison

    Wise Publications

    Page Count: 331

    8.5x11 Hardcover

    Published in 1995

    Index: Over 1500 Names Sited 


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