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North of the town of Starks, Louisiana, a mystery light is said to have appeared along an isolated strip of highway for decades. In the thick darkness of Edgerly, Louisiana, the graveyard known as Big Woods Cemetery lies steeped in years of impossible paranormal claims. In Lake Charles, Louisiana, an old courthouse is thought to host the spirit of a murderer executed on its grounds, while the halls of closed-down Hyatt High School in Fields are anything but dead silent. Did the flood that displaced so many along the Sabine River in 2016 also awaken something unseen deep in the woods of Almadane, Louisiana? Are black panthers, or even sasquatch, stalking the thickets around the state's southwest parishes?We are The Old Number 7 Society. These are our actual investigations into the phenomena witnessed by countless residents across southwest Louisiana--the place once known in history as the lawless, dangerous, and enigmatic No Man's Land.

No Man's Ghosts: Paranormal Investigations in Southwest Louisiana

  • ISBN: 1070648094
    5.5 x 8.5 Paperback
    112 Pages
    Published: june 06, 2019

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