Stroll down Frenchman Street, enter a dimly light jazz club, and experience the calming aura of New Orleans at night. View the stunning façades of the Napoleon House and Brennan's Restaurant accented by soft-burning streetlights and the white glow of the moon. Photojournalist Kerri McCaffety takes you on a late-night tour of New Orleans, letting the intriguing beauty of the city gleam beneath a Crescent moon. Jackson Square lit by candlelight, the Superdome awash in color, and avenues twinkling with Christmas lights are just a few of the many memorable sights captured. Nightspots, Mardi Gras parades, holiday decor, architecture from the universities to the French Quarter, streetcars, cemeteries, fireworks, and even lightning all shine from the pages of this gorgeous collection.

New Orleans at Night: The Magic of the Crescent City After Dark

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