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Wiseguys called him "The Keith Richards of the American Mafia" and JFK hero Jim Garrison denounced him as "one of the most notorious vice operators in the history of New Orleans"--But you can just call him Mr. New Orleans. This book tells the incredible story of Frenchy Brouillette, a redneck Cajun teenager who stole his big brother's motorcycle and embarked on a 60-year vacation to New Orleans, where he became a legendary gangster and the underworld political fixer for his cousin, Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards.

Mr. New Orleans: The Life of a Big Easy Underworld Legend

  • Marius M. Carriere Jr. is professor of history at Christian Brothers University. In addition to entries in the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture, he has published essays in edited volumes as well as articles in Journal of Mississippi History, Tennessee Historical Quarterly, and Louisiana History.

  • ISBN: 0692237488
    6 x 9 Paperback
    398 Pages
    Published: June 19, 2014

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