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Moon's Cloud Blanket

  • n South Louisiana, a Native American mother huddles in a palmetto hut with her son and daughter as a flood rages through the bayous. When the rain does not stop and the water continues to rise, she fears for their safety and searches for higher ground. But in South Louisiana, the land lies flat all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.
    She and her children climb into the branches of a tall cypress tree and the woman prays to the moon to save them from the storm. Moon, with the help of Stars, Clouds, and Wind, weaves a blanket to warm them. On that rainy, cold night, the mother's prayers are answered with a natural wonder that graces the Southern oak and cypress trees to this day.

    This traditional Native American tale originates in South Louisiana. Serene watercolors poignantly depict the family's journey to safety.

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